Coke Drinks Joost


Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström became famous from their very popular and disruptive peer-2-peer technology product called Kazaa. After many lawsuits, nasty PR battles, a few raids, and finally some settlements the two technology and media wizards from Europe moved on to their next project called Skype. They parlayed the original P2P technology into this extremely new disruptive and popular product that was to revolutionize the phone industry. After Ebay chose to acquire Skype for billions of dollars, Janus and Niklas moved on to their new creation called Joost.

Joost professes to be nothing short of an effort to change the face of television media and bring the 25 year promise of multi media fusion together with free TV. In recent news Joost has launched Coca-Cola as a premiere widget where consumers can provide comments on video content and email them to their friends. What is different here is that they can do it with the help of a coke bottle called Coke Bubbles

“In creating Coke Bubbles, we wanted to give people a widget that would recreate the experience of chatting together with friends while watching TV– free from the constraints of time and space,” said Stafford Green, head of interactive marketing for the Coca-Cola European Union Group. “We are always striving to become enthusiastic investors in interactive community innovations, and creating the first commercial widget has been a fun, collaborative project for both The Coca-Cola Company and our friends at Joost.”

This may be one of the first and most innovative approaches to integrating products and advertising into video content online.  Coca-Cola signed on to sponsor Joost since it’s launch and will continue to work with the European team to launch next generation widgets.


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