AzoogleAds Settles, Florida AG Rakes in $1 Million


ag_justice_small.jpgWhen the Attorney General of Florida decided to open an investigation this past spring concerning lead generation practices in the online marketing space, specifically mobile ringtones, many companies were probably racing to clean up their practices or hoping they would float under the radar. AzoogleAds was one of the companies contacted and observed by the Florida AG. The firm is one of many including Traffix and Think Partnership being looked into for supposed deceptive lead generation practices. The company however, was not one that came out with a tarnished reputation or a massive uncovering of wrong doing.

Because of its upstanding practices and transparency with its users, AzoogleAds has teamed up with the FLAG Bill McCollum to assist in some way with proceedings. “It is not completely clear what our role will be in this ongoing investigation,” said AzoogleAds CMO Mike Sprouse. The company is raising eyebrows however, over a contribution of $1 million it has made to the “Cyber Fraud Task Force” heading up the inquiry as part of the cooperation agreement.

The money was addressed in a statement put out by AzoogleAds on Wednesday stating, “This contribution reinforces AzoogleAds’ commitment to improving industry standards in the fight against fraudulent and deceptive internet advertising and exhibits its total commitment to internet compliance leadership not just in the mobile marketing vertical but all verticals.” “We are looking at leveling the playing field,” said Sprouse. He continued that with so many companies using fraudulent practices, there is a bad name being blanketed over the mobile marketing industry and few who would take action about it until now.

The statement continued that the company’s “exemplary compliance efforts have put them in a position to help the FLAG police and monitor the industry going forward like no other partner could.”


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