Ad:Tech New York: Are You Ready?


nycskyline.jpgAd:tech New York is just around the corner and industry professionals are gearing up for four days of meetings, greetings, parties and of course, seminars. Whether in a booth or walking around and observing the crowd, ad:tech New York will be an educational and beneficial event for each of the over 10,000 people attending. An entire list of speakers and exhibitors is available on the site. Here is the list of descriptions for the scheduled events (note: all panelists and moderators for each event can also be found on the ad:tech web site) :

tuesday, november 6, 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Keynote: The New Media Universe: Forging a Model of Interdependence
The proliferation and influence on communication channels is the most dynamic variable in driving consumer change. Big ideas are increasingly contact-driven and advertisers and their agencies must find new ways to connect to consumers and convert them into customers. Increasingly, the role of a media agency is multi faceted where being a good practitioner of media is no longer enough. Strategic communications and consumer context planning have emerged as the new strategic lynchpins within the business of marketing communications and having a deep understanding of the rapidly evolving consumer has emerged as a formidable prerequisite. ad:tech is pleased to welcome Nick Brien, the Worldwide President and Chief Executive Officer of Universal McCann, a leading global media and communications firm, to talk about the opportunities and challenges within the rapidly evolving new media universe and how, as an industry, we must focus on forging new models of media and communications interdependence.

tuesday, november 6, 1:15pm – 2:15pm
TV 3.0

From high-definition to multi-platform programming to the on-demand universe of DVRs, TiVO, Slingbox, Joost and others, television is being catapulted by technology into a whole new world where it can be consumed anytime, anywhere and on any device. Our TV 3.0 experts delve into the theory and research behind consumer’s new TV consumption habits. What are the next-generation ways of consuming television? How are leading broadcasters taking advantage of the multi-platform landscape in an era where media can be distributed via broadcast and cable, through podcast downloads and on demand via multiple platforms, including mobile? How are viewers watching TV now and what are their attitudes toward new forms of TV? And, in addition to discussing these issues, this session looks at how these collective tectonic shifts are affecting the overall value proposition of television advertising in a multi-platform world.

tuesday, november 6, 1:15pm – 2:15pm
Global Perspectives on the Digital Revolution
The digital revolution is in full swing as new technologies and platforms transform the business of media and marketing communications across the globe. Although tremendous change and innovation are happening in the US, we are, of course, not the center of the universe as we see exciting advancements and change occurring in dozens of international markets across the planet. From the advanced mobile markets in Australasia and Europe to groundbreaking creative and the emerging online consumer society in Latin America, we have much to learn from the rest of the world. This session brings together leading media, advertising and marketing executives from Europe, Asia and Latin America to talk about how they see the businesses of media and marketing communications being transformed by the digital revolution.

tuesday, november 6, 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Media and Entertainment: Programming, Distribution and Advertising in a Multi-Platform World

How are leading media and entertainment companies looking at the evolving distribution landscape and taking advantage of multi-platform opportunities in an era where content can be distributed via broadcast and cable, online, through podcast and vidcasts, via mobile devices and across multiple on-demand platforms? And how does the wave of consumer generated content fit into this picture? How will programming evolve in a multi-platform universe and how will advertising fit into a content universe of short-form, medium-form and long-form content across a range of platforms devices? It’s a fluid and dynamic landscape and this session brings together leading executives from across the industry to look at the current and future landscape of media and entertainment in the digital era.

tuesday, november 6, 2:30pm – 3:30pm
The Internet Economy
Our industry is once again booming, with companies being acquired for many hundreds of millions of dollars, and stock prices of the industry leaders are heading into the stratosphere. In this session, we will help you sort through all the noise to look at the spectrum of public companies, the mergers and acquisition landscape and upcoming IPOs in the industry, and how you can evaluate their prospects or learn how to negotiate these complex waters if your company is seeking investments or partnerships. Come join us in acquiring a new perspective that will help you take stock in interactive.

tuesday, november 6, 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Keynote: The Art of Conversation: Building Great Brands in the Digital Age
Welcome to the brand new world of marketing where consumers have an increasing amount of control over a brand and the rapidly evolving media landscape. Certainly, leading marketers still have plenty of weapons in their brand-building arsenals, but there is no doubt that the rules have changed in the dynamic and fluid world of digital media, on-demand technologies and consumer-generated content. In this session, Stuart Elliott, Advertising Columnist of The New York Times interviews an all-star lineup of seasoned executives to explore how the digital revolution is transforming all media and the business of marketing communications. We are thrilled to welcome Mr. Elliott and these high-caliber executives to the ad:tech stage.


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