Verizon Rolls Out iPhone Crusher


It has not taken long for mobile phone companies to come out with their answers to the iPhone. Verizon Wireless has unveiled three new phones, including the Voyager which is said to compete with the Apple contraption.

The Voyager offers faster Internet access than the iPhone, and replicates the touch screen and full web browser of the iPhone. The phone also has a hinge that opens to show a smaller keypad and second screen for consumers wishing for a more traditional phone.

Mike Lanman, CMO for Verizon Wireless said in Reuters, “We think it’ll be the best phone … this year. It will kill the iPhone.” Lanman addressed that Verizon was not the first to come out with the idea, but contests that their model is superior and they offer more options. “Typically a carrier brings one, maybe two exciting products to the market in a year. We’re bringing four,” he said.


Juke and Venus are other models that will be out this fall. The phones range from under $100 to $400. Venus and Voyager have a slot for an extra 8 gig of memory whereas the iPhone has only 8 gig built-in.

Since the unveiling of the Apple iPhone, the market has created a need for more efficient, all-in-one, portable trendy gadgets and the competition to go with them. The cell phone is officially the new mp3 player.


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