Unusual Bedfellows, IGA Worldwide & NBCU


nbc.jpgA partnership no one saw coming was announced yesterday when NBCU said it will start selling advertising in videogames of in-game ad vendor IGA Worldwide.

NBCU’s digitals sales team will start offering premium inventory in IGA represented games. IGA acts as a third party technology and ad sales partner to videogame publishers according to a report in MediaWeek. NBCU will offer a piece of IGA-represented inventory as a portion of customized ad packages.

Nick Johnson, VP of NBCU digital media advertising sales said to MediaWeek “We are focused on creating multiplatform solutions for our marketing clients, ensuring they achieve their campaign goals and connect with engaged consumers wherever they are spending their time. We will now, in addition to TV, Web and mobile, be able to offer marketers a whole new opportunity to reach a highly engaged and ever-growing audience.”


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