the Rubicon Project Gets The Industry Talking


contagious1.jpgthe Rubicon Project, a company looking to automate the online advertising industry has introduced “the Forum,” a meeting place for beta users, site publishers, ad networks and members of the Rubicon Project team to get to the nitty gritty on Internet advertising.

The private beta invitation period will be open until November 16th.  COO and founder of the Rubicon Project Craig Roah stated “The demand from the website publishing and ad network communities was more than anticipated. Our goal has always been to select a group for the Beta that is representative of the range of websites out there. We are working to develop a fair way to select from all the applicants. Our goal is to learn as much as possible as we know their input will only make our service better. We are committed to doing it right.”

Anyone can start a topic of their choice, and interact with members of the forum community. Members are encouraged to give suggestions that will help improve the Rubicon Project service.

“When we opened our doors to the private Beta, it stimulated discussion and commentary about hot issues plaguing online advertising. We were inspired!,” Said Frank Addante, CEO and founder of the Rubicon Project.

Websites are enabled to optimize over 300 ad networks in one place with the Rubicon Project. The solution matches each ad impression to its best money-making opportunity as far as ad networks are concerned.


  1. Chicken or the egg situation here.

    Which one comes first, inventory that converts or decent publishers with real content, I am guessing neither. Networks are alreding placing crappy CPC ads, and huge amount of CPA ads.

    Will this be another Yield Manager revisited, that is yet to be determined. The winner is Rubicon themselves, they can always charge for impression served for using their platform.


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