MoreVisibility Takes SEM/SEO To A New Level


girlglass.jpgIn 1999, Andrew Wetzler and Dennis Pushkin founded MoreVisibility. Wetzler and Pushkin saw the emergence of the internet and search engines and felt that it created a unique opportunity. Their early email marketing tests to promote their services further validated the budding interest with Search and that was the basis for developing the business.

With backgrounds in direct marketing and corporate management, and now eight years of experience in the SEO/SEM industry, Wetzler and Pushkin are certainly versatile and talented business men that have what it takes to run a successful search engine marketing and optimization company.

MoreVisibility has been watching the market very closely to ensure that the company stays ahead of the competition that other SEO/SEM firms, design companies, interactive and traditional ad agencies can provide. Andrew Wetzler told Adotas, “The industry has matured on a number of levels. The base knowledge level of marketers has increased and so has the sophistication of the engines/channels. Our offerings and skill sets have evolved with the industry.”
Although there are many SEM/SEO firms working to be the top of the industry, it is MoreVisibility’s exceptional client services that truly differentiate itself from other competitors. These services include a team approach to managing accounts and a commitment to education.

The MoreVisibility Knowledge Center with their ongoing webinar series is the latest example. These webinars along with the developments in Optimized Website Design are the newest expansions by the company that will truly innovate the space. However, this is just the next step in MoreVisibility’s legacy. Wetzler continued “Over the past 8 years, we have helped numerous organizations successfully launch and grow their online marketing initiatives. Cost effective expertise from a 40+ person trained team who are thought leaders in each dimension of the industry has also been an important contribution from MoreVisibility.”

No one stays around for 8 years without some challenges. As search is fast paced and constantly changing, initially MoreVisibility saw challenges with the lack of consistency from the engines in terms of protocol and rankings. As industry issues became resolved, of course new ones arrived. A chief challenge for MoreVisibility today is the number of avenues that exist for SEM campaigns. “We specialize in helping organizations sift through the clutter and arrive at an ROI positive mix of marketing channels,” said Wetzler.

When asked what expertise Wetzler could give to other industry professionals, he stated, “Successful SEO & SEM campaigns require ongoing focus, testing and analysis. Sites that are intended to be redesigned should be tackled from an Optimized Design perspective. MoreVisibility provides industry leading services in each of these crucial dimensions of interactive marketing.” This kind of commitment to their clients is what will allow MoreVisibility to continue with a legacy of excellence.

If you would like more information on their services please email or call Gina Barron, VP of Client Development,, 561-620-9682.


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