MIVA And Netvibes Partner In Widget Revolution


sem1.jpgYesterday MIVA Direct Inc., the toolbar and content division of MIVA Inc. announced a new partnership with Netvibes, a personalized homepage firm. This partnership will allow users to create a start page that has their choice of widgets, blogs, social networks, photos, email accounts, podcasts and videos.

The start page is designed to leverage MIVA Direct’s existing toolbar distribution without causing a need for significant additional advertising expense. The start page will generate new ad inventory for MIVA’s media clients and type-in search traffic for MIVA Direct’s search monetization partner.

Rob Roe, General Manager/SVP for MIVA Direct stated, “This partnership is aligned with our strategy for building consumer media and at the same time increases our consumer value proposition. We believe that this represents an opportunity for revenue growth and incremental EBITDA contribution.”

Netvibes founder and CEO Tariq Krim said, “As a Netvibes Premium Universe partner, MIVA has established itself as a key player in the rapidly emerging widget economy.”


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