Marchex & Yellow Pages Target The Locals


localadssmall.jpgRecently, YELLOWPAGES.COM and Marchex, Inc., a local advertising company and publisher of local content, announced a multi-year agreement in which Marchex will continue to provide its local search marketing services to YELLOWPAGES.COM’s base of local advertisers.

The site will continue to use Marchex’s services to fulfill YPclicks! Search Engine Solutions search marketing packages sold by YELLOWPAGES.COM and AT&T. Marchex Connect, the company’s private-label search marketing platform, is used to create, target and manage YELLOWPAGES.COM’s advertiser campaigns and fulfill them through placements on major search engines and Marchex’s local content network.

John Keister, Marchex president and COO said “We’re seeing solid year-over-year growth in new local advertiser accounts, and we are pleased to be extending our long-term agreement to provide services to help power YELLOWPAGES.COM’s local search marketing products and deliver results for their local advertisers.”


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