iPhone Open(Somewhat) To All


IphoneAfter a vocal disapproval to its previous policies, Apple has changed its stance on outside software developers. Apple is now encouraging independent developers to create programs for the iPhone.

In February, Apple will put out a developer’s kit which will give independent software makers the ability to create applications for the device; however this is a limited form of inclusion for other developers. Apple has also not changed its policy on prohibiting users to unlock the iPhone to use it with other carriers, according to a report in The New York Times.

Apple has been criticized for being too exclusive and too controlling over its product software. More developers on the mobile device could also lead to the attraction of more mobile marketers and advertisers. The situation could be a win-win should the company loosen its grip slightly.

Jobs posted a letter on the Apple site that cited the company’s intent on protecting their products, and yet keep them open to developers. “Some claim that viruses and malware are not a problem on mobile phones – this is simply not true,” he posted. Jobs continued “We think a few months of patience now will be rewarded by many years of great third-party applications running on safe and reliable iPhones.”

Analyst Michael McGuire, who works for Gartner said to the Times that the company had probably planned a developer’s kit all along and added that the company must have realized that the eventual acceptance of independent software was inevitable.



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