Introducing A “Social Publishing Network”


mouseclick1.jpgPagii(spelled with a dash above the a), announced this week its official launch, giving the online community an innovative step in the evolution of web publishing and social networking. Pagii is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Freewebs.

Being dubbed the “social publishing network,” Pagii mashes-up social networking features with web and desktop publishing. Members can choose which of their pages, if any will be made viewable by the public.

Freewebs’ president Shervin Pishevar stated “With Pagii, Freewebs continues its track record of innovating at the forefront of Web-based self-expression.” The browser-based technology gives an easy to use solution without the necessity of downloading or installing software. The service is a visually-driven, click and drag format, allowing anyone to be able to use the technology. Pagii has been designed with VML and SVG, not Flash.

The building and editing happen on the same screen and pages, as well as edits are implemented in real-time.


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