i33 & Attendi Connect A New Kind Of Community


grouphug.jpgi33 communications, an interactive agency, announced today that it developed the newly launched Attendi.com. Attendi is a search-based site that focuses on a different approach for finding information online from users. Attendi uses chat, search and social networking to connect people with others who may have answers to their questions.

Services assisting the Attendi launch are being provided by i33 such as strategy development, creative design, technical planning, build and architecture and online marketing. President and CEO of i33 communications David Levin stated, “Attendi approached i33 with a novel concept – leveraging custom search functionality combined with Web 2.0 technologies to connect people who share similar ideas, passions and expertise. Given our search and social networking know-how, i33 turned Attendi’s ‘big idea’ into a functioning reality.”
Currently a “live ad unit” is being built. This means advertising is served only when a live brand representative is ready to field inquiries about a product or service through Attendi’s real-time chat functionality. “Our live ad unit will leverage chat technology enabling traditional ad banners to spark real-time interactions between a brand and prospective customers,” said Drew Rayman, founder of Attendi.
The company plans on reaching out to identified “luminaries in key online communities” so they and their peers may leverage Attendi, giving them a unique approach to marketing. When Levin spoke with Adotas he said “We thought the site should be altruistic. People helping people.  What makes us different than other social networks is it’s about what you know, not who you know.”


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