Eyeblaster Simplifies Video Ads


videotape.jpgToday Eyeblaster announced Channel Connect for In-stream Video, a scalable and wholly integrated solution that transforms the process of delivering online video ads. Pre-, mid- , post-roll and overlay ad formats are all supported through Eyeblaster Ad Campaign Manager v2.0.

A recent eMarketer report forecasts online video ad spend will rise 89% in 2007 and reach a total of $4.3 billion by 2011. Still, despite these numbers, online video continues to be and underutilized advertising opportunity. The report continued that for every $100 US marketers spend on television ads this year, only $1.10 will be spent on video ads online.

Eyeblaster has joined with Brightcove, to provide Brightcove publishers the ability of this new advertising solution. Chris Johnston, director of ad product management at Brightcove said “Eyeblaster has a long history of innovation in the rich media advertising space. We are excited to bring the new Eyeblaster capability to publishers using Brightcove to distribute and monetize their Internet video content.”

Chanel Connect for In-stream Video also supports publishers using Windows Media playlists and other video players. CEO of Eyeblaster Gal Trifon said that the previous “…lack of standardization meant that agencies had to ship multiple video files – or even raw video tapes – to individual publishers in order to satisfy the countless specs. To complicate the process further, ads were also run and managed through internal proprietary ad servers, making consolidated third party reporting unavailable to agencies.”

The solution standardizes video assets, enabling agencies to change and optimize the creative on the fly. Both standard and enhanced metrics are then made available to the agencies through Eyeblaster Analytics.


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