AlmondNet Teams With National Ad Force


holdinghands.jpgAlmondNet has announced that it has agreed to a strategic partnership with National Ad Force this week. AlmondNet specializes in behavioral targeting ads and National Ad Force is an interactive online ad sales company.

National Ad Force will be able to offer advertisers the use of AlmondNet’s Post-Search behavioral targeting purchase-intent data. The data covers 10s of millions of cookied US and UK users across 40 segments. This will enable National Ad Force advertisers to deliver targeted display ads based on users’ recent purchase-intent.

CEO of National Ad Force, Tony Janowski said, “Using AlmondNet’s behavioral targeting data, we’ve been able to offer our advertisers the ability to target the most relevant ads to their visitors. This will improve clients’ overall campaign performance.”

Roy Shkedi, founder and CEO of AlmondNet said, “…As clicks originating from Post-Search behaviorally-targeted ads convert 5 to 10 times better than clicks from non-targeted ads, targeting users with Post-Search data is poised to deliver advertisers unprecedented value.”


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