ADTECH Helps Monetize Haystack


musicnote.jpgADTECH US, a provider of digital ad serving solutions, announced that has signed an ad serving agreement with, an ad-supported online music network. Haystack users can create custom playlists, as well as be connected to artists through playlists that can be embedded into portable applications.

Artists receive royalties through the RightsNow Media Royalty system that gives artists royalties based on the popularity of their music.

The agreement states that ADTECH will deploy the HELOS IQ ad serving solution for Haystack across artists’ pages as well as the site deployments that their widgets serve. This deal with ADTECH is a vital component to Haystack’s monetization strategy.

Jordan Garbis, CSO of Haystack stated “As we grow, we needed an ad serving partner who would provide relevant advertising to our audience and ADTECH’s customer service focus made them the logical choice for this assignment.”

Nils Winkler, managing director and SVP of sales for ADTECH US said “Haystack represents a key addition to our client portfolio and we are eager to connect advertisers looking to reach music fans to the site.”


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