Adroit Saves Advertisers Stress & Money


ymib2.jpgIn the fast-paced, ever growing online advertising space, advertisers can become overwhelmed with managing growing budgets and extensive creative portfolios that are up-to-date with the needs of various promotions. Making changes to ad units regularly is usually costly, but necessary for competitive edge.

Today, DesignBlox announced the official hard launch of its platform Adroit. This ASP-based platform gives advertisers the ability to dynamically alter components of their Flash display ads in real time without the need of redesigning or re-trafficking existing ads. Adroit’s technology makes it possible for a single ad to become infinite versions of itself instantaneously. Messages can be sequenced based on targeting components and Adroit enabled ads can be populated via RSS feeds or external databases.

DesignBlox CEO Judy Gern stated, “Using Adroit technology advertisers have complete control over their campaigns, and detailed analysis of exactly what elements of existing creative are working and why.” Any variables changed in the banner will appear on the landing page and advertisers can test variations to an ad in and A/B split test or a multivariate test.
“In the online world, we [advertisers] have been forced to accept optimization as established by the ad servers, and their techniques don’t provide insight into what exactly is having an impact on response. This makes it very difficult for us to replicate past successes with creative,” said Jay Friedman, President of Goodway 2.0 and client of Adroit. Friedman continued to say, “Additionally, ad servers have few tools to help advertisers minimize waste. When testing in an ad server environment, it is up to the advertiser to check the status of the test, do the math, and figure out if they have enough information to get a good result. Adroit is a great solution to these issues.”

Judy Gern took some time to speak with Adotas and show a demo of how Adroit technology works. Everything was simple and easy to follow showing the technology to be transparent and user friendly. Gern did admit that even though the concept of Adroit is well received it wasn’t until Yahoo announced the launch of Smart Ads that the Adroit platform really took off. There were several campaigns that were positively received in beta tests; however when a larger company took a step into this seemingly untapped market was advertising skepticism alleviated. Gern alluded to expansions being developed for the service, but as of now Adroit technology is fitted to serve larger advertisers.


  1. THis is a great article and shows that the optimization space is not limited to landing pages. What’s neat about Memetrics is that it can be deployed behind your firewall and unlike an ASP version, it will not affect any of your existing systems. You can actually leverage your systems and customer data to optimize your ads dynamically. Many brand name fortune 100 companies are doing this type of testing and conversion optimization already with Memetrics.


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