AdMob Reports On Mobile Ad Market


mobiletv.jpgAdMob recently announced the release of their first periodic report on data and trends in the mobile market.

The report cover the 1.5 billion ads served in September and includes manufacturer, device and country-specific data on AdMob’s top four markets by impressions served: US, UK, India and South Africa.

The company hopes to create transparency in the growing market of mobile advertising by releasing free reports on a periodic basis. Jason Spero, AdMob’s Vice President Marketing said “AdMob is in the unique position of serving billions of banner and text ads per month for our publisher and advertiser partners. AdMob leverages our network data to improve targeting and optimize ad serving. We are happy to share this data with the community to empower advertisers and content developers.”

The following are a sample of the findings from the firm:

Impressions by Geography, September 2007

 Region           September Impressions         % of Impressions  
 North America        703,838,833                        44.2%  
 Asia                     355,431,376                        22.3%  
 Africa                   148,543,298                          9.3%  
 Western Europe      147,890,265                          9.3%  
 Eastern Europe         71,796,894                          4.5%  
 Latin America            59,519,486                         3.7%  
 Other                     106,633,010                         6.7%  
 Total                   1,593,653,162                      100.0% 

Worldwide Share of Impressions by Handset, September 2007

  Handset             % of Impressions  
  Nokia                        30.4%  
  Motorola                   13.3%  
  Samsung                   12.1%  
  Sony Ericsson             11.2%  
  RIM                            8.5%  
  LG                              4.2%  
  Sanyo                         4.1%  
  Other                        16.3% 


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