Additions To The Copernic Inc. Private Label

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Oct 12, 2007 
Sarah Novotny  |

tools1.jpgToday, Copernic Inc. announced an upgrade to its private label program. The company deals in Internet search technology and online advertising. The private label program makes it possible for ISPs, websites and portals to include Copernic Desktop Search directly into their site.

VP of products for Copernic Inc., Eric Bouchard spoke of the upgrade in the release stating “Our new version is now a fully customizable application that provides multiple entry-points for ISPs, portals and IT consultants to leverage their existing web and site search. It also provides embedded links to advertise their own products and services. All of this translates into increased traffic, better customer retention, and increased advertising revenues for our customers.”

The upgrade was developed because of a number of customer requests for additional features that would assist their online business. This upgrade will allow licensees to drive additional ad revenue through leverage of their existing search engines.

Sarah Novotny is a contributing editor at Adotas. Sarah grew up in San Jose, California. Her educational and professional career have taken her to both Los Angeles and New York City where she received a B.F.A. from NYU. As a writer, Sarah has free-lanced for various publications focusing primarily on traditional advertising and media reviews. When not writing and editing for Adotas, Sarah is continuing her acting career in various theatrical and film/television productions.

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