AdBidCentral Launches Into Futures Market


future1.jpgThis week, AdBidCentral launched the first version of its platform. The company is creating futures marketplace for premium guaranteed display advertising. The platform powers sales of futures-oriented premium display advertising on top comScore-rated publisher sites.

This platform will make forecast buying and selling of premium display digital media efficient and intuitive. AdBidCentral’s end-to-end platform is allowing the firm to create a fully transparent futures marketplace where booking, transacting, flight and reporting happens in a single central location.

Enterprise publishers use AdBidCentral’s marketplace platform to complement activities of their direct sales force and provide agencies, advertisers and planners the ability to buy future campaign inventory on transparent placements and guaranteed impressions.

AdBidCentral Founder & CEO, Vivek Veeraraghavan said, “Today marks the day that we start building a truly premium marketplace for display advertising – the media world is rapidly moving in the direction of a futures market.”


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