Will News Corp. Replace NBCU On iTunes?


apples.jpgIn the wake of the NBC battle over pricing with Apple for popular television shows on iTunes, the technology giant is looking for alternatives to fill the void that will be felt when the entertainment network’s existing contract runs out.

Apple is said to be in talks with News Corp. to license movies and perhaps more TV shows than it already offers on the downloading service. Peter Chernin, News Corp’s president and chief operating officer said that the negotiations with Apple were sure to be “contentious”.

“I assume it will be prickly and dicey and contentious like all negotiations are and like all negotiations should be,” he explained to Britain’s Royal Television Society convention.

Supposedly the contract between Apple and News Corp. is not scheduled for renewal anytime in the near future according to an anonymous source to Reuters.

Chernin made it clear that the company is neutral towards the partnership at this point stating, “We have a pretty limited relationship with Apple and we’ll see how it goes.”


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