TRAFFIQ Opens Up Trading Platform


auction2.jpgToday, TRAFFIQ, the online traffic exchange, announced that it has opened its web-based trading platform to all online media buyers and sellers.

The first beta phase for TRAFFIQ was launched in August and in this second phase with open registration; the company is adding and improving functionality for a larger audience.

CEO of TRAFFIQ Mark Kahn said, “TRAFFIQ was designed to optimize ad yield and return on investment for sellers and buyers. Our growth through major publishers and advertisers joining the exchange is validation of this business model.”

Buyers and sellers are given the option of discrete blocks of segmented inventory with defined beginning and ending dates. Sellers are capable of segmenting, bundling and listing for sale value-attributed blocks of traffic. This attracts buyers searching for premium niche inventory.

Kahn continued, “TRAFFIQ is different in that our publishers pay clear, fixed commissions, and advertisers pay no buying fees at all. Sellers can maximize ad yield and predict revenue, while buyers can optimize ROI, meet campaign objectives, and significantly lower the cost of servicing the media.”

Matching of traffic via searchable inventory and automated RFPs is also available for buyers.



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