TNS Reports Drop In Total Ad Spend


losingmoney.jpgInternet ad spending has been taking the lead in the overall spend on advertising according to TNS Media Intelligence.

TNS reported yesterday that compared to the first six months of last year, internet display advertising has increased 17.7% to $5.52 billion.

Even though this is a considerable increase, the total ad spend has decreased 0.3%, which equals $72.59 billion.

Steven Fredericks, president and CEO of TNS Media Intelligence has said in a statement, “For the first time since 2001, media advertising expenditures have declined for two consecutive quarters.” He continued that, “..the overall results reflect weakness across a wide range of industries and advertisers. Given the uncertainties about near-term economic growth and consumer spending, we expect core ad spending will continue to face challenges during the second half of the year.”

The only other categories that registered an increase were magazines with 6.9% and outdoor advertising investments with 3.6%. The first half of the year saw a decrease of 2.2% in the total spend by the top 10 advertisers, putting out only $9 billion.

The TNS report assessed the drastic difference in numbers by saying, “While total ad expenditures declined by 0.3%, there was unusually wide variation around this average from individual media types. As a direct result, change in share of spending by media type was more pronounced than normal.”

Internet display advertising might have not performed up to expectations this past six months; however it remains that internet advertising is still leading the pack.


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