Survey Says: Ad Industry Needs Image Overhaul


arrowdown.jpgThe results are in! JWT and Adweek announced their findings from a study conducted that assesses the difference between the media-create perception of the industry and the actual opinions of American adults.

The study, titled “Ad Industry Perception Survey,” showed that only 14% of Americans respect people in the advertising industry. This puts advertisers ahead of “national politicians” with 10%, and “car salesmen” with 5%. The most respected professions come are “teachers” with 71%, “physicians” with 75%, and “military personnel” with 79%.

Only 12% of those surveyed said they had seen “improvement” in a “bottom line” sense according to the release; and 31% of the populous thinks of advertisers as a “necessary good”.

Other results that reflected thoughts on the advertising profession and what ad professionals do include that 74% of people believe that “The Internet helps me make better product choices.” While that’s a positive mark, 84% believed that “Too many things are over-hyped now,” and 72% agreed that “I get tired of people trying to grab my attention and sell me stuff.”

While 39% of those surveyed said that the majority of advertising is persuasive, 61% does not see advertising as persuasive. The blows continued: 52% said “There’s too much advertising – I would support stricter limits,” 47% said “Advertising is background noise,” 42% believe “American advertising has improved in recent years” and 24% said they “recent advertising.”

But there was some good news on the horizon as 82% indicate they had a positive engagement with media overall, 41% consume “interactive” media and 2/3 claimed that “advertising is an important part of the American culture.”

This survey is important for industry professionals to take a look at in its entirety. While there are some things improving in the perception and the advertising industry, there are areas the public has clearly given to work on. Should these issues be taken into consideration, advertising may evolve further into a largely accepted and chosen normative as opposed to a force-fed ill-tasting medicine required to take.

JWT conducted this survey for Adweek online and at random. 966 American adults ages 18 and over, with a gender balance of half women and half men answered.



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