Shop Online On Your Sprint Phone


mobiletv.jpgToday, Sprint Nextel Corp has launched a mobile portal designed to allow shoppers to buy 7 million products from 30 online retailers. Some of these retailers include Wal-Mart, and

Users will be charged for web access but there will be no extra subscription fees for the feature. Sprint is partnering with to develop Mobile Shopper and according to a Reuters report, is the only program of its kind in the U.S.

Sprint product manager Charsin Tulysathien said in Reuters, “The big opportunity for Sprint is the potential increase of data usage.”

This is one of many developments being made by hand-held mobile companies to capitalize on the internet fees they charge their customers and online ad revenue that has been growing at an exponential rate. Phones are no longer being marketed for solely talking.

JupiterResearch analyst Alan Goode has predicted that the mobile online shopping market will jump up to $505 million in 2008 from $40 million in 2006 and even up to $1.9 billion in 2010.

As Mobile Shopper starts to pick up it is projected that more people will become comfortable with purchasing on their phones which will also make more online advertisers comfortable with investing in mobile.



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