PubMatic Launches Beta Testing


rocket1.jpgYesterday, PubMatic announced the global beta release of its service that will web publishers maximize their revenue by automating and optimizing ad serving decisions.

The company touts over 400 publishers, selling millions of ad impressions daily have seen increases of anywhere between 20% and 90% with PubMatic. The service runs on continuous auction on many larger ad networks worldwide.

“When we look at the pace of change and increasing complexity in the world of online advertising, we don’t feel that small and medium publishers have a fair shot – whether it is their ad serving technology, optimization, reporting, or management tools. PubMatic maximizes the revenue that publishers receive from their ad inventory by automating and optimizing the decisions that go into selling it. PubMatic looks across the largest ad networks, including Google AdSense, ValueClick, BlueLithium, Yahoo! Publisher Network, and soon many more, and dynamically shifts the publisher’s inventory to the ad network that is best monetizing it,” said Amar Goel, Founder & CEO of PubMatic, speaking at TechCrunch40. “Publishers can now focus on the content side of their business, knowing that they’re getting top dollar for their ad inventory.”

The company helps ad networks by sourcing qualified publishers, reducing the effort of having publishers implement new ad tags, and strengthening publisher relationships. Ad networks will not lose publishers due to publisher unhappiness with eCPMs in this model.
PubMatic gives the publisher one set of ad tags that generates ad network ad tags in real time, consolidates reporting across ad networks, and allows publishers to update ad tag settings through a browser-based interface.


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