ON Networks Glues Ads To Video


vcr1.jpgON Networks, Inc., a new-media company that offers original episodic HD shows across the web, TV and mobile announced that many top ad agencies have joined the firm to partner in testing new forms of content-based advertising.

Among these agencies are TPN, Carmichael Lynch, Critical Mass and SicolaMartin. ON differentiates itself in that it attaches advertisements to shows that travel with the show, across on-line and off-line networks and devices capturing the largest share of the targeted markets.

Kip McClanahan, CEO of ON Networks said, “As content continues to move freely across digital networks and consumers are given more choice in how, when and where they view videos, content-based advertising will become the new advertising standard. The ad agencies we’re working with understand this shift and are actively experimenting with new models to help their clients stay relevant and reach an increasingly fragmented consumer base.”

Advertising offers through ON Networks include “presented by” sponsorships, interactive in-video surveys, click-to-purchase and click-to-learn messages, as well as traditional pre- and post-roll options. Scott Shamberg, senior vice president of marketing and media at Critical Mass said, “ON Networks’ content-centric advertising gives our clients a powerful and effective way to ensure brand integrity, no matter where their ads are seen.”


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