MSN Video Allows Users To Channel Surf


remotecontrol3.jpgMicrosoft released the newest version of MSN Video today. This new version allows users and advertisers to find premium and user-generated video easily from the MSN Video inventory. Added to the platform are time-based advertising delivery and community sharing features.

MSN Video has also incorporated Soapbox user-generated videos and allows search of the MSN video inventory while consumers watch videos on a split screen. Users can now make video playlists and trade them with friends online. Rob Bennett, general manager of entertainment, video and sports for MSN was quoted in the release to say, “By increasing the discoverability of our deep catalog, making it easier to share videos with friends, and improving the advertising model, we are continuing in our mission to make video an integral part of the MSN experience.”

The new ad delivery model being used by MSN Video delivers advertisements depending on the time spent watching a video, not by number of clips watched. There will be pre-roll ads and one every three minutes during a video clip.


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