Microsoft Sends Email Through Datran


spamage2.jpgMicrosoft has decided to use Datran Media for its email marketing communications, using Datran’s StormPost. This platform will allow Microsoft to customize its communications, beginning with newsletters and opt-in Hotmail featured offers.

Datran Media has also developed an email inventory management for Microsoft that will let the technology giant’s ad sales team keep tabs on email media inventory both available and sold. If the inventory becomes remnant, it can go on the market exchange.

Microsoft will also be able to sell email inventory to various fragmented audiences based on fragmented lists it can create through the Datran Media services.

Datran Media president and co-founder Matt Keiser was quoted in DM News saying, “It is specifically designed so that their sales force can sell segments within that message, which optimizes what they sell and how unsold inventory is released.”


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