Live Search Gets Spruced Up


fashionista2.jpgMicrosoft has been busy creating and launching changes for the company’s search engine which moves it into a better position to compete with Google.

The number of sites Microsoft searches for information has been quadrupled, and the base technology that chooses display results has undergone an overhaul according to corporate vice president for Microsoft’s search and advertising group, Satya Nadella.

Updates will be introduced in phases through the end of the month. Live Search will be improved to interpret misspellings, and variations from the original word structure. Nadella continued to The Associated Press, that Live Search will be better at detecting “stop words” which are phrases or keywords that are not considered unless they are in a specific context or combination.

Last month, Microsoft claimed only 11% of U.S. web search behind Yahoo’s 23% and Google’s 57%. The boost in volume could raise percentage points and revenue for the bronze medalist.

Microsoft is focusing on local searches and maps, health, shopping and entertainment, revamping and cleaning up the look of each. Products ratings show up and are linked to products that are searched, the second search box has been deleted from the business search and maps page, a health site has been launched called MedStory, and interactive features have been added to entertainment search results.

General Manager of Microsoft’s search business group, Brad Goldberg said that the company is first focusing on the 70 million users that already go to Live Search as opposed to the users who usually search on Yahoo and Google, creating incentive programs for loyal customers.

The task to dethrone Google is lofty, but perhaps the next move for many different search engines.


  1. Great to see Microsoft working to improve their keyword search system.

    Too many former Google competitors ‘monetarily-freaked’ way too early in the game and abruptly sold out their keyword search systems. Altavista, Fast, Lycos, all disappeared immediately after converting to more or all sponsored listings.

    Keyword searchers prefer organic/natural results and are counting on their search engine of choice multiple times daily, to deliver “deep results” relevant to their keyword query.

    Keep at it MSN more and better search results is just what the doctor ordered.


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