It’s Easy Being Green With SustainLane Green Ad Network


greenlight.jpgAs going green becomes a hotter trend, many industries are looking to do their part and capitalize on the most positive fad to date. Still there has not been a solution for online advertisers to jump into this space in a virtually risk-free way until now. Today, SustainLane, the online company dedicated to empowering businesses, people and government to go green, announced the launch of SustainLane Green Ad Network.

The network has 28 premium content publishing partners and 36 million page views a month. This gives advertisers a new reach into the Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) market. This market is desirable and largely untapped with an estimated $208 billion in market spending on goods and services that promote health, the environment and sustainable living.

The ad network is powered by Adify’s Build Your Own Network (BYON) platform. The platform gives publishers the capabilities to define, assemble, merchandize and manage specific niche advertising networks with little to no upfront cost.

Nicole Rousseau, vice president of retail marketing at HSBC stated, “SustainLane provided us with an easy way to manage the process. They have brought together some of the best green sites out there into an easy to buy network. We were able to simplify our ad buying process and easily optimize our campaign to reach the best green customers in this emerging market.”

Even though the publishers interested in the service have been very happy with the impact of their campaigns, Christine Volden, vice president of sales at SustainLane said in a phone call that there have been challenges in getting publishers to commit. “There’s always the initial hurdle to get over,” she said “Ad networks don’t usually have the high quality traffic. Also green companies tend to be skeptical of the Internet community at large, so SustainLane’s reputation has helped a lot.”

Bill Uhler, director of operations for Ogden Publications said, “SustainLane’s credibility, reputation and knowledge of the green marketplace made joining SustainLane a no-brainer.”

Volden added the commit of the staff has also made it very easy to sell advertisers on the space. “The people don’t work here because it happens to be a green company. They work here because they’re passionate about being green. It’s how they live their lives.”


  1. I would like some information on the carbon foot print of automobile exhaust. The product I market reduces emissions up to 50% in some cases, How do I get this information out to different environmental groups. I am on sustainline and regular supporter.


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