InstantWonder’s Ads Change Face Of IM


mouseclick1.jpgEyeWonder, Inc. has announced the launch of their newest service named InstantWonder. This offer allows online advertising agencies to deploy online video and rich media advertisements across instant messaging platforms including: AOL’s Instant Messenger, MSN’s Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ Instant Messenger and MySpace’s MySpaceIM Messenger.

Through a single media provider, advertisers can reach the largest volume of viewers in the shortest amount of time. Michael Griffin, EVP of corporate development at EyeWonder said, “With  InstantWonder creative execution, advertisers can reach Super Bowl-sized audiences online, creating tremendous synergies in media planning, buying and production. Of course, this translates to stronger bottom-line ROI and results for EyeWonder’s customers.”

EyeWonder saw tremendous results while tracking ad campaigns across each of InstantWonder’s  instant messenger platforms. Brands saw interaction rates in upwards of 15%-20% while using InstantWonder. EyeWonder is able to target audiences in this overwhelmingly vast market by using geo and behavioral targeting, as well as day targeting.

Griffin continued, “Instant messaging is the dominant and fastest growing communication tool among both the highly coveted young adult audience and corporate audience, who use it daily in their office environments. The fact that EyeWonder enables advertisers a one-stop delivery mechanism across five of the top IM clients is a dream come true for online advertisers and agencies.”

Approximately 66% of young adults and teens send more IM’s than emails daily. Three quarters of those who use instant messaging are online everyday and spend several hours a day live on an IM platform. Gartner has projected that by the year 2013, IM will be the first choice for enterprise-based real-time communications.

EyeWonder was the first rich media provider to successfully integrate online video and rich media ad units within AOL’s Instant Messenger (AIM) in 2003. The new development of InstantWonder is another typical step for EyeWonder who is constantly looking forward in the rich media space.As Mike Griffin said in a phone interview earlier today, “EyeWonder is one of the last of the rich media pioneers still on the path of interactive digital advertising pioneering.” With imaginative and innovative products like InstantWonder, EyeWonder continues to live this statement.

“InstantWonder delivers a gateway into the massive audience that engages in instant messaging.  It’s powerful, it can be tailored, and it’s a real example of how EyeWonder technology serves as a bridge between interactive digital advertising’s key stakeholders – publishers, media buyers, creative agencies and brand advertisers – that enables each to innovate how they sell, buy, create and brand in an online environment,” said Michael Griffin, summing up the new technology. “This first of its kind offering delivers a platform for single production of creative campaigns and advanced distribution to the top instant messenger providers. Advertisers continue to see tremendous success with instant messenger ad campaigns, and InstantWonder provides the easiest and most effective way to reach them in highly targeted ways.”



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