Hidden Treasure In Local Search


piratesdepp.jpgFor large and small businesses alike, there would not be larger global success if there was not an early start with local success. Many firms and advertisers deal with the fragmentation all over the internet and in a new report by Marchex, Inc. titled “Unlocking the Potential of the Local Internet,” companies can find tips to tighten up business and gain momentum.

The report claims that currently local internet only sees about 5% of all advertising in local markets which roughly equals about $5 billion of the over $100 billion spent by local advertisers. This number is estimated to leap to 25% with $25 billion in revenue by 2017. Even though local search is ranked the second most popular activity online behind email according to the report, advertisers are not monetizing on this quickly growing audience.

Recommendations in the report to ensure the optimal success in local search include: providing comprehensive information and content across business listings and every location to create a simple search for users; claiming a massive amount of local traffic as well as local advertisers through partnerships or directly; and offering a range of products and services at scale for local (SMB) advertisers.


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