Google Wins Four Year Lawsuit


legal13.jpgAmerican Blind & Wallpaper Factory Inc. dropped its trademark infringement lawsuit against Google Inc. on Friday, putting a four year case to rest.

The suit was filed in 2003 and was going to go to trial this coming November. American Blinds & Wallpaper Factory Inc. had charged Google with abuse of trademark as the search firm had permitted rivaling companies of ABWF Inc. to purchase ad space that showed up when searching this company.

Eric Goldman, assistant professor at Santa Clara Law School was quoted in Reuters to say, “After almost four years of litigation, the American Blinds lawsuit ended today with a stunning victory for Google.”

The settlement agreement says that both parties are responsible for their own legal fees and that Google does not owe American Blinds any payments. The company also stated that they would not sue Google “so long as Google does not make a material change in its AdWords trademark policy that adversely affects American Blinds & Wallpaper Factory.”


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