Google Jumps On Widgets With Gadget Ads


monkeysmall.jpgGoogle’s new Gadget Ads are creating quite a buzz today as the widget based advertising program is unveiled. Gadget Ads will provide advertisers with the tools to create and serve widget ads on Google’s AdSense platform.

In the tradition of the widget offerings on MySpace and Facebook, should a user decide they like the Google widget they may add it to their desktop or to their profile on a social networking site.

This addition is a push by Google to get bigger advertisers who want hip and effective alternatives to the traditional forms of advertising. According to comScore, more than 87 million people, or over 48% of internet users in the U.S. use widgets.

Christian Oestlien, a business product manager for Google stated to The New York Times, “Consumers are pulling in content from multiple sources. It is what we are calling the componentization of the Web. The Web is sort of breaking apart into smaller pieces.”

Widget ads will be placed by bids on keywords from advertisers, which will then appear across Google’s network. The company has created an interaction measurement that is tailored to track ad interest for this method, which is not dependant on click through.

The marketers that use Gadget Ads will only pay for the ads that run in Google’s network and not any that are saved or downloaded by users.

Oestlien also said to The Times, “We’re not trying to monetize every single event that happens in a creative,” he continued that Google would like advertisers “to make rich creative ads that are really useful to the end user.”


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