Google Claims Majority Of Video Views


googleradio.jpgThis week, comScore released a Video Metrix report for the month of July 2007 that indicated that almost 75% of U.S. users watched an average of 3 ½ hours of online videos within that month.

The top ranking in the study went to Google Sites which claimed the highest number of video views and highest number of unique video viewers. Over 9 billion videos were viewed online in July with Google hosting nearly 2.5 billion (27%) of the videos viewed. was responsible for 2.4 billion of those videos.

Yahoo came in second according to the report with 390 million (4.3%), with Fox Interactive Media and Viacom Digital taking the third and fourth places at 298 million (3.3%), and 281 million (3.1%) respectively.

The report showed that almost 3 out of 4 U.S. users viewed an online video and over 1 of every 3 viewers watched a video on YouTube. Online viewers watched an average of 68 videos. The company released graphs of the findings on their site.


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