Digg Throws A Social Party


handshake1.jpgDigg first started out as a Mecca of tech news for technology aficionados. As the site grew and the audience expended, news and information about other subjects started to take precedence. This deviation from the original face of Digg has created a fragmented audience which is why Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose, the site’s founders, believe the site needs social-networking tools.

While the features that launched yesterday have been compared to those on popular networking sites, the goal is for users to find a community of like-minded people within a single site. “This is really the first time that we have enabled communications between users,” Rose said to Business Week.

Profiles for Digg users are one of the features on the site that allow them to create a stronger presence for themselves on the site. Like most profiles a user may include photos and personal information as well as links to other social network profiles and personal blogs. Pages will contain the stories a user has submitted and others will be allowed to view the user’s story comment history.

The next set of changes will occur in October when Digg implements a section for images. Rose continued to Business Week “There is going to be a section where you will see these suggestions of news items and pictures and videos based on what you have been looking at.”

The social-networking tools are expected to create a community of communities within Digg. Time will only tell if they will be popular.



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