Could WebMD Attract Google?


valentines1.jpgWith all of the acquisitions being made this past year, big and small, it is no surprise anymore when a company makes an announcement that they have been bought or have bought someone else.

It seems that the public almost expects money to be dropped left and right on companies that will expand the reach of their new parent. That’s exactly what the WebMD would do for Google.

There has been speculation by industry professionals that the online health experts may be a prime target for a Google acquisition.

When shares for the site went up 8% on Wednesday, many analysts started talking about a Google acquisition as the reason for the increase.

Maxim Group analyst Anthony Petrone said to CNN Money that the buy would give Google a lead over Time Warner’s AOL Health channel. Being a niche leader, WebMD has appeal to some powerful advertisers such as Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, and many pharmaceutical companies.

Petrone stated in CNN Money that the rumor would not be news-worthy “..because of Google’s focus on a home grown approach. But the acquisition of YouTube changed things. Google went after a leader in video space. So I think it’s entirely possible that they could be interested in WebMD since they are one of the leaders in health care.”


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