Advertisers Go For Video With ZVUE Networks


director.jpgToday, HandHeld Entertainment, Inc, a global digital entertainment company announced the launch of its own premium online video advertising network named ZVUE Networks. ZVUE will help the company monetize its collection of user-generated and professional video content.

Advertisers will be provided a wider reach to the online video market through pre- and post-roll video ads as well as banner ads, rich media ads and in-stream flash overlay through ZVUE. The network will also give advertisers access to specific psychographics and includes verticals including video games, entertainment and music.

With the acquisition of eBaum’s World, Inc, by the end of 2007 ZVUE Networks will be delivering over 24 million daily unique visitors a month and serving about 3.5 billion page views and video streams annually. The company’s primary demographic is males ages 18 to 34, which is one of the most sought after target audiences for advertisers considering the growth and success of companies such as and UGO Networks Inc.

President and CEO of HandHeld Entertainment Jeff Oscodar stated, “By working with us, advertisers can target millions of individuals in exact demographic niches with one contact. And we will allow advertisers and their agencies to do that with targeted overlay, pre- and post-roll video commercials, as well as with more traditional banner ads and alternative rich media advertisements.”


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