YouTube Viewers Throw Down Ads


davidgoliath2.jpgYouTube has only recently started to display advertisements on some of their most visited videos, but already users have been fighting back, voicing their opinions on the YouTube blog.

With a mixture of positive reviews that praise the interactive nature of the InVideo ads and the innovation of placement, and negative reviews that threaten fleeting viewership due to the inevitable commercialization of the site; YouTube has if nothing else, created something to talk about.

The advertisements are not going anywhere for the time being, but the viewers…that remains to be seen. Of course, it is within a company’s best interest to allow advertising, but the reaction of their consumers could be a potentially high price to pay.


  1. The complaints of users are just brilliant. We live in a world where people think they entitled to free things that other people create, because they are….. It is the most ridiculous concept ever and those that create tools to help users block ads in their browser are even worse than the complainers. They wouldn’t pay to use any of these services and somehow think that everyone from small independent bloggers to large commercial operations should do everything for them for free. What a selfish world.


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