Yahoo Execs Dropping Like Bombs


mouthshut.jpgYahoo has been in a constant state of reorganization lately with the entrance of Jerry Yang and the still not filled exit of CTO Farzad Nazem as well as other positions being shuffled around.

Being thrown into the mix is position of CFO for Yahoo’s Network division as current holder of that position Mike Weetman, is leaving to become the COO of BermanBraun, a new production company formed by former Yahoo employee Lloyd Braun and Hollywood executive, Gail Berman.

Weetman will join the company alongside another Yahoo employee who recently changed companies, Geraldine Martin-Coppola, who now is head of interactive for BermanBraun.

This loss is one of many that Yahoo has suffered as executives are leaving left and right, and by the looks of the pattern will not be the last of them either. Lorna Borenstein and Dan Rosenweig are names on the list that now includes Mike Weetman.

Yang has been working overtime to overhaul the company, so although many strong talents are leaving, the company may have different needs by the time he has realized his vision.

It is anyone’s guess who the next domino to fall will be. The industry will be keeping his eyes on Yahoo. Neither the company, nor Weetman was available for comment.


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