South Park Creators Land Ad Deal


lotto1.jpgOn Friday, South Park creators and kings of Comedy Central, Trey Parker and Matt Stone signed a deal that would give the network and the show’s creators a 50/50 split in ad revenue and millions of dollars in up-front cash to create a platform that will provide South Park material for mobile services, online video games and material that will be made available all over the internet legally.

One of the features of the contract is the birth of which will act like a development center for new show concepts and new character ideas.

The deal is worth a reported $75 million dollars over four years for Parker and Stone according to the New York Times. President of MTV Networks Entertainment, Doug Herzog stated to the Times about the unprecedented deal, “If this I seen as a bold stroke, all the better, because it’s going to take bold thinking to move ahead.”

Other executives justify the deal by the reputation of the brand and the success of the creators. “This is based upon a decade of proven success; it’s not a deal that made on the come, it’s not a deal made with an established creator who’s about to create something new. It’s 10 years in,” stated Warren Littlefield, a former president of NBC Entertainment.

The lawyer for the creative team pointed out that any revenue made from the brand other than the cable show itself was considered into the revenue that would be divided in half.

Stone made remarks about the luxury of receiving some ownership of the show back, “People always ask us, ‘You own it, right? No? Why’d you sign that deal?’ And I have to say, ‘Because I was sleeping on my friend’s couch.’ ”


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