Pringo Gets 944 Users Talking


successful.jpgPringo Networks has announced the launch of the new 944 Magazine website that will be filled with Pringo’s signature social networking and social media tools. The new site will include user profiles, media sharing and blogging.

Pringo Networks CEO, Nouriel Gino Yazdani stated, “We have created a win-win model for working with leading publishers. This partnership with 944 Magazine will drive its highly visible success within the nightclub community deep into the online lives of its users. The new community will engross its readers of 944 in a rich social world and this involvement will produce an increase in traffic and ad revenues, in addition to strengthening the brand name and image.”

The site, which was customized specifically for the magazine, incorporates open API’s for custom applications, open source syndication through RSS/Atom/RDF feeds to and from any user/site, media sharing, and a Drag & Drop Profile Builder. The proprietary video player and mobile technology allows members to share photos and videos and then upload them to their profiles from their mobile handsets.

This is just one example of how many paper publications such as newspapers and magazines are finding innovative ways to use online social networking features as a leverage to keep customers, and subsequently ad dollars, engaged. This is also the primary reason for Pringo’s success.

Formed in 2002 by Nouriel Yazdinian and Harvard Young, Pringo Networks functions today as a social network infrastructure company. The company helps existing sites build-in social networking features to improve traffic and ad revenue.

This has proven to be immensely successful and popular amongst various brands because as President of Pringo Networks, Gary Hall put it, “It keeps users at home on web sites. They put in more time on the site because they have a community to interact with.” This kind of investment creates a one-stop shop for users and generates higher return rates.

The company currently has over 400 feature sets that are customizable for each client. With the popularity of social networking at an all-time high, many companies are clamoring to implement these engaging tools in order to have their share of the viewership and revenue.


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