PlayBoy Goes Back To School


disney.jpgSocial networks have become a very lucrative industry and with many brand names trying to get a piece of the action, Playboy has proven to be no exception.

Launching its own social network targeting college students, Playboy U is the latest project for the adult empire in an effort to reclaim finances lost from decreased readership of the publication.

Scott Stephen, executive vice president of operations for Playboy’ entertainment division told Reuters, “We’re looking at this as a way to introduce and escort someone through their adult life.”

The site will not allow nudity but features many sexual topics put up for discussion including, “How Many People Have you Slept With? To Lie Or Not To Lie,” and “What Do You Think About Penis Enlargement” as well as pictures from the mansion’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream” party. This is all in an attempt to drive revenue from the site and the publication, by creating a loyal consumer base in a younger generation.

The site institutes a college-only policy and enforces it by banning anyone who does not give an email address ending in .edu. This is to ensure privacy and security. Michael Kelman, senior media analyst at Susquehanna Financial Group stated, “It’s a very lucrative market. The college kids, they’re going to be better-educated and have higher disposable incomes. (But) it’s been a very, very tough audience to grab.”


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