Offline Ads Influence Bulk Of Search


remotecontrol.jpgRecently, JupiterResearch reported results from a study sponsored by iProspect that correlated the offline advertising influence on online search.

The study surveyed 2,322 random people from the Ipsos Insight U.S. online consumer panel. The 25 questions asked of the participants included a range of topics such as their attitudes, preferences and behaviors in regards to digital imaging, games, portable devices and service bundles.

The results showed that 67% of online search is heavily influenced by the advertising campaigns viewed offline. Also found, was 39% of online searchers that are initially influenced by offline channels will ultimately make some kind of purchase.

President of iProspect, Robert Murray thinks that this evidence validates search as a viable marketing consideration. “Search is no longer an add-on consideration for marketers. It is front and center.” 

Murray continued to explain the results in a release saying, “On the one hand, it’s intuitive. It makes sense that offline channel messaging could pique a user’s curiosity enough to motivate them to search for additional information. But most offline advertising doesn’t exactly make it easy for customers to find a company’s web site; the numbers seem even more impressive.”


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