Can Bundles Save Free Wi-Fi?


pixelpages.jpgA problem has been getting in the way of the free wireless networks being planned for many small and some larger towns across the United States. Many cities have not been able to attract and provide the kind of ad sponsorship that would offset the costs for free services. The reluctance of advertisers to work with small town advertisers may have found a remedy.

Wi-Fi networks are being bundled to sell ads in bulk. Jiwire, an ad firm out of San Francisco reported that ad space in Wi-Fi networks allow brands to operate with more room than a conventional online buy. Wi-Fi networks lack the ad clutter on landing pages that online space usually sees.

However, there is still speculation that ad viewership increased in exchange for free internet will not necessarily render a successful campaign. Digitas EVP Carl Freemont said to the Wall Street Journal, “People have become almost numb to it. They realize the ad is there, but it is almost a price they have to pay to get free access.”


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