Iphone Joins Facebook


Iphone facebookWelcome to the future of mobile media. “Today we are taking our first step into that new mobile world with a new Facebook website designed just for iPhone at iphone.facebook.com,” wrote Facebook engineer Joe Hewitt.

As speculated in Adotas (http://www.adotas.com/2007/06/the-wait-is-over-introducing-the-iphone/)  the release of the iPhone has proven to change the way advertisers and publishers approch mobile media. Many publishers are scrambling to become relevant to iPhone owners by launching sites that work seamlessly with the Safari browser on the iPhone. Many agency experts have trumpeted the value of the iPhone audience as being the consumers of choice. Yesterdays announcement by Facebook reflect this growing trend.

The mobile version of Facebook allows members the freedom to enjoy most of the functions incorporated into the traditional Facebook site with the additional benefits of direct calling to friends and directions to Facebook events. “If you are like me, you may find yourself updating your status a bazillion times a day once you have Facebook in your pocket everywhere you go,” Facebook engineer Joe Hewitt wrote on the Facebook blog.


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