Interview with Ad-Synergy CEO, Heidi Holtz


Adotas had an opportunity to talk with Heidi Holtz, the CEO of new CPA Advertising Network Ad-Synergy. In the competitive market of CPA Networks we really wanted to understand how Ad-Synergy is bringing about new opportunities and value to the marketplace. 

Q: How did Ad-Synergy get started?

In January of 2007, I founded Ad-Synergy with the vision of creating an Affiliate Marketing Network that fills a real need: create true synergy between Publishers and Advertisers –because every click should count. While everybody is after the highest paying campaign, Ad-Synergy is built on the fundamentals of creating Results through Maximum Conversions. This means quickest return on investment for both: Publishers and Advertisers as well as creating a sense of true Loyalty. This sense of Loyalty is also transferred over to the end user or customer creating a pleasant experience for them –which means repeat business for the Advertiser and more commissions for the Publisher.

Q: What makes you qualified to start and run a successful affiliate network?

Well, I started my first affiliate network in 2001, Loyaltepays and another one called ReadersPaid in 2005. I have an extensive background in traditional mediums so I have a well-rounded approach to the market. I’ve seen how various trends affect different markets.  I had a stint of time at the German Press Agency (GPA) where I was in charge of International Media Products. I even had my own graphics studio, Kreativ Publishing.

Q: What made you want to start Ad-Synergy?

I saw the need for exclusivity in services since there isn’t a lot that differentiates most affiliate networks. It is important to offer publishers and advertisers a unique and profitable experience. In addition, Ad-Synergy offers a unique program that allows both publishers and advertisers to create wealth beyond their current businesses at no additional cost, time or infrastructure.

Q: What makes you different than other affiliate networks?

The exclusivity that I previously mentioned is one of the components. Plus we have a product –that I am very excited about, and it will really put our network on the map called SmarterSites. As for New Publishers we offer 2 Sign-up Bonuses ($100 + $1,000). Once a Publisher reaches $25,000 in accumulated earned commissions they are part of our Select Publisher Group. For our Select Publishers and Advertisers we have another exclusive Program called BYON with a 7% Residual Income plus weekly payments for all Select Publishers earning $5,000+ a week in personal commissions.

Q: What’s next for Ad-Synergy?

In September SmartSites! and BYON will become available to our entire Network. Until now this was only available to a small group of 50 publishers and 10 advertisers and we are very happy with the numbers.BYON is a result of SmartSites! Together they allow a Publisher or Advertiser to build a Network within our Network, at no additional cost, time or infrastructure creating a NEW Residual Income for them.


  1. Advertisers , honest people trying to make a few extra dollars BEWARE of this site and the sister site Hurraz (former Readers Paid) They have no support or ever answer any of your questions, offers are very slow to approve and even slower trying to get your money. Hurraz actually told its members the reason they changed their name from Readers Paid was because people had been asking the Advertisers why the offers weren’t being approved. And they also told their members ‘in the future not to ask that question because they (Hurraz) didn’t want the Advertisers to know Hurraz was paying its members to do the ads. Dosen’t sound to honest to me, and then the members of that site expect the same type of honesty with the offers and cash they spend their time doing and expecting never approve or they never get paid? I don’t think so….AdSyngery or what ever its name is just as bad. There are right now at least 5 members that can’t sign on the account (many more are being contacted) when each has requested help and an answer from Adsynger support they never have had a reply!! We are putting together a web site to expose this type of what is nothing more that fraud on a web site that’s being worked on now and should be done in a matter of days, we are also contacting the Advertisers of these two sites and telling them what has happened. Readers Paid offered its members a free sign on account with Adsynergy about two months ago. Right now we have no idea how large of a number of those members actually joined. But, we feel that if the same practice as Hurraz was in place, ever who set these two sites up could have made thousands of dollars maybe hundreds of thousands? Only they and the Advertisers who lost this money know for sure. Stay tuned!!


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