Facebook Gets Stiff-Upper Lip From Brits


ukflag.jpgIn the wake of advertisers rescinding contracts with popular social network Facebook, due to their ads being placed on pages promoting the British National Party, the British government has decided to follow. They have directed their agency to not place ads on Facebook or any other site that focuses on user-generated content.

The buying agency for The Central Office of Information (COI), i-level, has been ordered to not place ads on such user-generated content sites as Facebook. The COI controls an ad budget that is worth a reported $672 million.

COI director of digital media, James Galloway was quoted in the Times as saying, “Advertising has been paused temporarily on any websites that have not provided COI and i-level with the assurances our bookings require.”

Facebook responded in a statement that assured its clients that they are working on these issues concerning the content which the ads appear next to.

The statement said, “For those UK advertisers who don’t want ads displayed alongside content that they find objectionable, we are working with them to find alternatives. UK advertisers now can choose whether o not to run their banner ads alongside group pages on Facebook.”


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