Facebook Caters To Adult Audience


romance1.jpgFacebook has grown up and is hanging out with an older crowd than at its inception. The social networking site, which originally hosted only college students, has become a sensation amongst professionals since it let down the barriers and became open to everyone.

In June of this year, comScore Media Metrix reported that 11.5 million unique users on Facebook were of the the 35+ demographic. This group now accounts for over 41% of all visitors to Facebook.

This opens a new world to advertisers that have either not previously advertised on the site, or are currently advertising and want to target this group specifically. An estimated 48% of users have an income of $75,000 or more. It has been reported that Proctor & Gamble and Coca-Cola have been planning campaigns set to launch in the fall.

Corporate VP at Microsoft Dan’l Lewin stated that the company is looking to help refine the targeting data of the social network to better assist its advertisers. “They may very well be building one of the next interesting collaborative platforms, and it may have business applications as well…they’re learning in real time, and the audience is speaking.”

The face of Facebook will undoubtedly be shifting to one with more applications, groups and forums for adults to play with.


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