Candidates Take Debate To Online Streets


adware.jpgWith the success of the CNN/YouTube debates becoming more and more evident, Yahoo!, The Huffington Post and Slate are creating their own versions to try and compete with the campaign.

The three companies are going to be hosting a debate this September that will be exclusively online. This effort will be hosted by Charlie Rose and will differ in the candidates will be able to choose which of the user submitted questions they would and would not like to hear.

This debate will be shorter than the one on CNN and YouTube, and users will have the opportunity to view the responses online in real-time which will encourage user traffic on the sites and discourage the “pre-written spin”.

There is no word yet if the current advertsiers are jumping to buy space during “air-time,” however this certainly has come to strengthen the argument that most of our culture has an opportunity to advertise and to incorporate multi-media. Whether its progressive or invasive is up for debate.


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